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The Kingdom of Galandor is the first recognized Sovereign Territory of The Empire of Chivalry and Steel, Inc. (ECS), founded on April 10, 1990. Our Kingdom encompasses all of Arizona, with an outlying territory in Indiana. We currently have two territories in our Kingdom: the Duchy of Stahldrache (Kokomo, IN) and the Marquisate of Solaris (Phoenix, AZ).

We are a Republic governed by a Senate of appointed representatives who work in conjunction with a King and/or Queen, elected by the populace (members of the Kingdom), to be our leader(s). This structure allows all our members to participate fully in making important decisions within our kingdom, which is one of the ECS' founding principles.

What We Do: The ECS is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational corporation that studies and teaches the ideals and history of Europe between 800AD and 1650AD to the general public. We specialize in the general recreation of the Middle Ages including combat and all forms of medieval arts and sciences. We hold themed events such as feasts, tournaments, and wars for our members to participate and learn in. Our events show displays of non-choreographed combat or recreated historical arts and sciences, and have fun doing it! We also hold, demonstrations of medieval culture for the general public at public/private Schools (K-12), universities and Renaissance Festivals.

In the ECS, all members have the opportunity to attain Knighthood and/or gain personal Titles, just as they did in the Middle Ages. Knighthood in our Empire is kept objective by using a merit based point system to follow a member’s progress towards this achievement. Points are earned according to how well a member does in the areas of Combat and Arts and Sciences, or by providing service to the Kingdom, which we call Ministry.

We hope that you enjoy your travels inside of our web site, and hope that you will come out to one of our practices or events and join us in having fun getting Medieval!


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